Video Gallery

Vocal Video Clips

Niwenna Senehen | Official Music video

Sarath Kumarasinghe / Nipuni Nayanathara “VINDIMI MAMA DANDUWAM”

Sarath vocal duet with Dhammika
Walpola – “Thun Yaame”

Instrumental Performance Clips

“Ajare” – Clip from BMICH Concert

Aradhana Theme Song – Clip from
BMICH Concert

“Wiyapath Bambara” – Clip from BMICH Concert

“Ninda Nena Rathriye” – Clip from
Bishops Concert

Clip from from Bishops concert –
“Walakulu Pelin Basinna”

Sarath at Toronto Harbour Front – Vocal clip “Hima Diya Wee Himaalaye”

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TV Interviews

Sarath as guest – Rupavahini

Sarath as guest of “Wenasa” – ITN
Nightly TV show

Sarath with Boston Lanka TV –