We all live in an extremely high paced social environment where time has become a precious commodity. While there is no substitute equivalent to one-on-one teaching, Sarath has an online stream via either Zoom or Google Meet for students who live far from Toronto.

Currently, students in the U.S.A. and Canada are taking advantage of this stream. Majority of the online students learn the Esraj. However, there are other students who learn the Guitar, Flute, Keyboards and vocal music through this facility.


Sathsara School also offers a 4-module training package that is either viewable under licence or can be downloaded. Inquiries can be made via our online form. This is only available for the Esraj at present.

Weekly sessions of 45 minutes duration on pre-arranged times.

1 lesson

$ 40

2 lessons

$ 70

4 lessons

$ 125