How much do the lessons cost?

Charges vary. All sessions are weekly. Basic fee for adults is $45 per each 45 minutes one-on-one session or $125 a month for a class room session. Online sessions are similar to one-on-one sessions but frequency might vary.

How long is a course of lessons?

The duration for a beginner’s lesson is 3 months.

Can I start learning immediately?

Yes. However, a 1/2 hour informal discussion usually precedes the commencement of the lessons. This allows to understand the objectives of the student and his/her skill level.

What do I need to bring to my first lesson?

Yourself, paper and pen. A small tape recorder will be a fine tool to assist in practices at home.

Do I need to bring the instrument to class?

Instruments can be provided for students during the class session. Ideally you should have your own. This helps immensely

Do I need instrument at home?

Yes. It is always recommend for the student to practice well.

Can I rent instruments?

Yes. This can be arranged for you.

Where can I rent instruments if they are not available in the school?

Long & McQuade (see website) or House of Raga (see website) rent instruments by the month.

Do I need previous musical experience?

No – you can be an absolute beginner, young or old.

How old does a child have to be before they can start music classes at the school?

We recommend children be at least 5 years of age prior to beginning of music classes. We suggest that if you wish your child to become interested in music from an early age. You may sign them up for other musical classes with an open concept which involves some directed instruction.

What if I have studied music before?

The initial discussion precisely addresses that. This allows the student to let us know what he/she knows, how was it learned and what form of instruction he/she prefers.

What will I learn in the beginning class?

Fundamental study of the Indian classical music or western music.

How long do I have to study?

Studying music is a lifelong commitment. Even our instructors continue to learn.

Who teaches the music classes?

Sarath Kumarasinghe, is the head tutor. Other instructors assist him on request.

How long does it take to become a musician?

A good question. How long does it take to become an actor?
Your brain and heart need to work in tandem. You need lot of perseverance and patience and great commitment.

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