Immortal Melodies (Sonduru Sathsara) 4 CD - The latest

Released in November 2014 – “Sonduru Sathsara” (Immortal Melodies) 4 is the fourth in Sarath’s signature
“Sonduru Sathsara” Esraj Instrumental CD series. Sarath dedicates this CD to the great Rukmani Devi, the finest
and most acclaimed songstress ever to grace the Sri Lankan movie and music scene. The CD contains 16 of
Rukmani’s most loved and cherished melodies.

The CD was launched globally in January 2016 in Toronto, Canada and is available for purchase online.
Immortal Melodies (Sonduru Sathsara) 3 CD

The third in the series is dedicated to songs of the great songstress, Lata Mangeskar. 16 songs were selected from
more than 500 hit melodies by Lata Jee.

The CD was launched globally on July 31, 2010 in Toronto, Canada and is available for purchase online.

Sonduru Sathsara DVD – Esraj Concert was held in December 07 at the prestigious Bandaranayake Memorial
International Conference Hall in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This is his third full fledged concert. The concert was
recorded live for national television broadcast.

The concert comprises of 24 Esraj Instrumentals professionally choreographed and presented with visuals and
Immortal Melodies (Sonduru Sathsara) 2 CD

Sonduru Sathsara 2 –  Sarath’s second Esraj Instrumental CD. This was released in November 2006 in Toronto,
Canada during his concert “Sonduru Sathsara 2″.

The CD is an instrumental collection of 16 Sinhala and Hindi songs.
Immortal Melodies (Sonduru Sathsara) CD - The original

Immortal Melodies –  The first ever Esraj Instrumental CD to be released in Sri Lanka. The CD is an instrumental
collection of 16 sinhala and hindi songs played by Sarath Kumarasinghe, an accomplished young musician and one
of the foremost Esraj players in Sri Lanka.
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